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Bangkok Furniture is providing Multi-Companies furniture and home decor listing. Bangkok is known as largest home furnishing of Asia. Bangkok Furniture will make you to touch and feel the world class quality, design and technology of Thai decor and art work in its products. Furniture idea and creative decor can make your place stunning and more enjoying. Whether its work place or other, you will feel like home comfort for everything and for all time.

Are you looking to shop furniture in Bangkok! Visit: MBK, Siam Paragon, Emporium, siam discovery and many other malls are just on sukhumvit line. Also on srinakarin road The Mall and WSI Seacon Square are best places to visit for furniture. These malls have well known Outlets with popular furniture companies of Thailand. These are from middle to very high upper class of Furniture which can make your home/office furnished for elegant living. If you are interested in very hand made craft work of Thailand, advisable is to visit Great Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Thailand is places were very smooth and sharp cut of furniture home decor is seen in large scale. Bangkok been capital of Thailand has wonderful hand made furniture's and designs from all parts of Thailand. Even it has combined its furniture with Indonesia, Bali, Cambodia and Lao. The reason to attract towards furniture from Bangkok is the use of material in Thai furniture is natural wood of bamboo, teakwood, fresh and quality leather, Para wood, water hyacinth, lipao, pineapple paper, wicker and rattan. The most fascinating, exclusive and wonderful furniture designs are seen in Bangkok.

If you are looking for middle and upper class of furniture, then we recommend brands are YOTHAKA - established in 1989. They have a mixed and modern design Patten which every year are seen in many exhibitions. They design in-house furniture and accessories that are unique in Asian Market. Another Brand in Thailand is Crafactor established in 1991 - They use crafted-skilled and advance technology in furniture. Similar to this there are many other companies which lead for design work in furniture at Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok Furniture is exploring this with its idea to reach every company that give contribution to Thai Furniture art and designs.

Furniture Business Listing!

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